Top Fitness Trends For 2014

Fitness study pairs dogs with seniors

Related Fear of falling on ice is physical and mental problem Bodyweight training “One of the biggest fitness trends exploding in the industry right now is body weight training,” said Beier, who integrates it into the classes he leads at Shred415 ( in Chicago. “This type of workout literally uses just your own body as resistance.” You become the dumbbell, so to speak. “You can manage to work out wherever you are, without the need for any equipment,” Beier said. While it appeals to minimalists, it’s not just basic, boring reps of p90X3 workout squats and lunges.
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Plank to palm: Lower to forearm plank, elbows under shoulders, forearms straight out in front of you, feet hip distance apart, knees off floor. Try not to swivel hips during movements. Raise up to regular plank position, right hand, then left hand. Lower to forearm plank position, right forearm, then left forearm. Switch sides.

In addition to Lola, Stryker and Bogey, there are four other dogs Cosmo, Casey, Kayla and Zachy. For now, all of the work is on a volunteer basis, but all of the parties involved hope it will turn into a funded research study in the future. At the end of this program, the professors and doctoral students will review the data to see how it might translate into a large-scale study. This will inform some larger studies were going to pursue, Schmitt said.
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NASA Astronauts Talk Space Fitness with US Olympic Bobsled Team

While the astronauts are in space, Mission Controllers on the ground analyze the data collected during Mastracchio and Hopkins’ workouts in order to determine their fitness. “Within two weeks of launching and being up in space, my fitness level as they [Mission Controllers] defined it had dropped 15 percent,” Hopkins said. “From that point on, it’s just a battle to get yourself back to that shape that you were in before you launched.” Mastracchio and Hopkins are both planning to watch the Olympics while in orbit. They showed off a “Team U.S.A.” flag hanging in the exercise area, and said they have a picture of Tomasevicz and other Olympians on the station with them. The astronauts will be able to watch the Olympics from orbit on a time delay, and they might even be able to catch some live events during downtime on the weekends.
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